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Сообщение DJ VK » 06 дек 2016, 14:00

Dear deCarta DevZone Customer,

Following the Uber acquisition of deCarta and our customer transition planning, we wish to announce that our DevZone will no longer be open past February 29th 2016, unless otherwise contractually obligated. However, we have signed a definitive agreement with TomTom who will offer long term sales and support options for our customers.

We are pleased to announce that TomTom has successfully implemented the deCarta LBS platform and are ready to take on customers.

If you are interested in the continued use of the LBS platform to be provided by TomTom, please follow these steps:

1. Register on and accept the default Privacy Policy and Evaluation Agreement.

2. Go to My Account, Create a new application and specify the services you would need.

3. You will receive an introduction email about each of the services requested with your API key and usage instructions.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the TomTom support team via the support contact form at

We strongly urge that you start this migration process as soon as possible to avoid any service interruptions.

Best regards,
deCarta LLC

Декарта отсылает к онлайн картам TomTom.
Кто нибудь смотрел, что есть интересного в картах TomTom ?
Вроде как evaluation ключик можно получить на мыло.
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