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How To Rescue Previous Downloads?

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How To Rescue Previous Downloads?

Сообщение abrogard » 11 фев 2022, 00:42

I think I have many downloads on my hard drives from previous installations of Sasplanet.

I cannot actually find the files but I do find folder with 'z' names: z1,z2.... z23.

with pathnames like: D:\downoadsto6may2020\\cache_sqlite\sat

Can I gather these all together in one place and put into Sasplanet so that I know exactly what I've got?

Another thing that strikes me as interesting is the path of my current version is not the same as previous versions which all had 'gis english' in them. Should I be using some other version or configuration?

sample previous:
D:\downoadsto6may2020\SAS Planet Nightly 191006.10036\SASPLANET Nightly 191006 GIS English
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